Mit kreativen Ideen gegen die Wehrmacht: „Ghost Army“


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The story of the so-called Ghost Army (1944-1945) sounds strange, but it's true: With inflatable and painted tanks, the sounds of war blasted through loudspeakers, and more unconventional ideas, a special unit of the US army fooled the German Wehrmacht. It simulated the presence of military forces that were actually in another location at the same time. Numerous creatives from advertising agencies and art schools volunteered to serve in the Ghost Army – among them, fashion designer Bill Blass, photographer Art Kane, and painter Ellsworth Kelly. The military files documenting the activities of these special troops remained classified until 1996.

In Wiesbaden, author and director Rick Beyer will present his award-winning documentary “Ghost Army” (USA 2013) in its German premiere. A shortened and dubbed version for the television format has already been shown on the German television channel ZDFinfo this year, but the audience in the Museum Wiesbaden will view the original film (English, 68 minutes) with an introduction by the filmmaker. Everyone interested in history, art, design, and political science should not miss this event!

Wednesday, Sep. 24th, 2014
7:30 pm
Museum Wiesbaden (Auditorium)
Tickets: 5 Euro

Q Kreativgesellschaft
kindly supported by the Museum Wiesbaden

A special event of Designtage Wiesbaden by access all areas

Trailer “Ghost Army” (YouTube)




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