Q wins at the German Design Award 2015



For the visual identity of the Ensemble MusikFabrik, Q was again named a winner at the international design competition German Design Award 2015. The expert jury screened more than 2,250 entries and selected top solutions from the field of product and communication design in 10 categories. Lukas Cottrell, Christian Rummel, and Prof. Markus Weisbeck – jurors in the category Corporate and Brand Design – wrote: “The design in question was unusually successful in translating the aspirations of Ensemble MusikFabrik’s music into design. Surreal pictorial worlds and difficult-to-read page layouts provide food for thought and stimulate the imagination. The striking typography represents a linking element, with its rich contrasts maintaining the balance in this corporate design.” We never dreamed of receiving acknowledgement for difficult-to-read page layouts, and we hope that our god of typography (Prof. Werner Schneider) from our years of study will not find out about this new Q award.




Wir sammeln den Buchstaben Q, wo immer er uns begegnet. Wenn auch Sie auf ein interessantes Q stoßen, freuen wir uns, wenn wir mit Ihrer Einsendung unsere Sammlung ergänzen können.   E-mail Titel