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Tasteful tiles and chalky colors


In 280 pages, a new catalogue makes you want to explore life with cement tiles, terrazzo tiles, and halk paint by VIA. Even for us, it’s always astonishing how a room ambience can be positively ransformed by stylish floors or wall colors. Q created the design concept for this heavyweight product overview, which spells the VIA alphabet from A to Z with impressive photography. The catalogue includes all important information about the tiles as well as numerous visuals that allow an insight into the living spaces of VIA customers and document the products’ impact on the applied surface.
Q also created VIA's 2011 catalog. For us, these are the most beautiful tiles on earth! And the VIA colors have decorated our agency’s walls for many years now.

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The catalogue is a reminder of the square slabs not only in its shape. Equally noteworthy is the back of the catalogue, in which the VIA logotype was embossed – exactly as it is on the actual tiles.