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The most beautiful garden houses on the world wide web

These cubistic garden sheds are proof for good taste.

These cubistic garden sheds are proof for good taste.


GarDomo builds cubistic garden houses, manufactured with solid German craftsmanship. Each CUBE is unique – façade, color, windows, doors, flooring, and roof type are always configured individually at the client’s opinion. After erecting a multitude of CUBEs, GarDomo asked our team to create a responsive website to present the full range of these stylish microbuildings.


The trilingual website features about 100 CUBE photos, taken in customers’ gardens and displayed by name, image, and location, indicating the versatiliy of the microhouses and providing inspiration for new customers. In addition, new products such as blinds (to assure privacy in the garden) and small houses for dogs, for waste containers, for gardening tools, for bicycles, as well as outdoor boxes to store pillows are included in the new online portfolio. Thanks to CarDomo’s innovative Trespa material, with its range of 114 colors, the houses never have to be painted, they are fade-resistant, they are weatherproof from minus 20° F (minus 29° C) up to 80° F (27° C), and include a 10-year warranty. Its emphasis on timeless design and great sense of quality make GarDomo a perfect addition to Q’s client list.


The Initiative Mittelstand, an alliance for small and medium-sized businesses, grants the “Innovationspreis-IT” awards to companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the global CeBit fair every year. The competition focuses on digital products and services that stand out because of their extraordinary usefulness and functionality. A jury, consisting of 100 specialized journalists, professional experts, scientists, and academic representatives, judged more than 1,000 entries. The Gardomo website received the “Best of” designation in the eBusiness category. Initiative Mittelstand declared it one of the best digital innovations for middle-class businesses.

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