New appearance of Theater Friends


Unforgettable cultural experiences do not have to be expensive. For the manageable annual amount of 35 Euro (students: 10 Euro), one can become a member of the Theaterfreunde (Theater Friends) Wiesbaden and enjoy numerous benefits: Theaterfreunde are invited to premiere parties, where they can meet performing artists. They get access to dress rehearsals of dramatic, musical, and dance performances, where they gain exclusive insights about the hard work of artistic preparation They are invited to purchase tickets at discounted prices and attend members-only events (such as the New Year Reception). And they support the creative mission of the Staatstheater Wiesbaden (for example, by financing a new harp for the theater’s orchestra).


The Theaterfreunde already total 1,300 members. To increase this number and enhance publicity, Q provides creative assistance. For example by developing a new website which reflects the colorful variety of performances with full-size, rotating production photos. With this and other media, we direct more attention to the Theaterfreunde’s activities and help the organization grow. When will the membership reach 1,500 friends?

> Theaterfreunde Wiesbaden (German only)